Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast starts your day, the word means ‘breaking the fast’ following sleep.

Traditionally many people believe you should only eat toast or cereal for breakfast because that’s how they are raised. This isn’t true and really you could eat anything at all for breakfast. It’s a great way to start your day off with a nutritious meal.

At Ultra Nutrition we think you should have a balanced breakfast containing Protein, Carbohydrate, and fat. If you follow intermittent fasting, you can miss breakfast some days and if you are on a low carb diet you can reduce the carbohydrate in your breakfast if you wish. But, it is essential that if you have breakfast you make it a well balanced meal that starts your day well.

Its incredibly important that your breakfast has a combination of all 3 macronutrients to ensure you start your day well, that means thinking about and planning your breakfast in advance.

Here are some ideas for breakfast:

[recipe_card_html title=”Ultra Complete” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Whey or plant-based.” protein=”Carbs – Gluten free oats.” calories=”Fat – MCT (Coconut and safflower).” link=””] [recipe_card_html title=”UN Breakfast Cookie” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Ultra Protein and almond butter.” protein=”Carbs – Oats and flour.” calories=”Fat – Almond butter.” link=””] [recipe_card_html title=”Perfect Porridge” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Ultra Protein and nut butter.” protein=”Carbs – Oats” calories=”Fat – Nut butter.” link=””] [recipe_card_html title=”Egg & Banana Pancakes” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Eggs.” protein=”Carbs – Banana and coconut flour.” calories=”Fat – Coconut oil” link=””] [recipe_card_html title=”Fancy Eggs” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Eggs, humus and avocado.” protein=”Carbs – Add some spinach and tomato on side.” calories=”Fat – Eggs, humus and avocado.” link=””] [recipe_card_html title=”Power Eggs” image_url=”” serves=”Protein – Eggs and avocado.” protein=”Carbs – Fruit and vegetables.” calories=”Fat – Eggs, avocado and olive oil.” link=””]

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