Best exercises for weight loss

When exercising there are a few things that you should consider:

  1. Bang for your buck

During your session you want to burn as many calories as possible. If you have an hour to exercise you should make full use of that time. This means you should do mainly big movements that use lots of muscles and therefore, lots of calories. Some examples are:

  • Run fast and you will use more calories than you would jogging slowly.
  • Bodyweight exercises. A burpee or a squat will use lots more calories than a sit up.
  • Weight training. Stick to compound movements like squats and chin ups rather than isolation exercises like bicep curls. 
  1. Being ‘fitter’ helps you to lose weight

If you are fit, you can exercise for longer and with more intensity. Therefore, you will burn more calories when you are exercising. To help build your fitness, interval training is the king of exercise. You can apply this to anything, for example:

  • Running or cycling. Fast uphill and catch your breath on the way down.
  • Bodyweight exercise. Put these together in a circuit and alternate between pushing and pulling or upper and lower body. This means you can keep moving for longer and burn maximum calories. You will find some movements easier than others.
  • Weight Training. Resting between sets is effectively interval training, so the intensity you work at will dictate how many calories you burn in a session.
  1. ‘After Burn’ of burning more calories after your session.

Following a walk your body slows back down and goes to your basal metabolic rate quickly. So that means during an hour walk you may burn 500 calories but at the end your body will stop burning calories. When running or doing bodyweight circuits or weight training, you burn calories whilst training but you also make your body continue to burn calories long after the session has finished.

So, if your goal is weight loss you should combine these key points to make them work for you.  Remember that you must train hard and use the time that you have efficiently. Combine interval training of different types and make sure to include weight training as it is great for fat loss.

Keep in mind that you can do all of the training in the world but if you eat too many calories, and more calories than you use you will not lose weight.

Crossfit, boxing and MMA training are all fantastic forms of exercise as they combine the above exercises and work at an hight enough intensity to get results.