Nutrition myth busting!

The nutrition industry is surrounded by myths, everyone claims to have the wonder solution to lose weight fast or build muscle fast. The reality is the world of nutrition is full of misinformation. It takes time to get in shape and most quick fixes are not suitable long-term solutions, we believe in eating, natural wholesome, quality food and using supplements to supplement this. In this blog we will debunk some of the most popular nutrition myths.

Never eat after 6pm if trying to lose weight

This is touted to help you lose weight. We would agree that you should not eat within 2 hours of bedtime to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. This approach can help you lose weight, but its nothing to do with the timing, often if you tell people not to eat after 6pm they will simply eat less and consuming less calories that you expend is the only way to lose weight. If you starve yourself in the evening, you will wake hungry and may overeat, the key to weight loss is to consume less calories than your body uses as an average over 7 days and to do this consistently.

My diet gives me all the nutrients I need

For some super healthy people this may be true, but most people do not get all their nutrients every day. For this reason, its important to take use supplements to support your diet in order to make sure you are healthy! The most important ones to consider are multivitamins or greens drink which will give you a hit of antioxidants such as Ultra Daily.

You need to detox to get rid of toxins

If you are healthy your liver and kidneys will be constantly detoxifying your body as that is its job. Consuming a healthy, wholefood diet packed with goodness will ensure your body works perfectly.

You need to avoid carbohydrate to lose weight

To lose weight you need to consume less calories than you expend – it’s that simple. We advocate having a balanced diet which includes protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre. You can calculate your daily calorie requirement by using the Ultra Nutrition macro calculator, this will tell you how many calories to consume. You can read how to lose weight for more guidance on weight loss.

A calorie is a calorie

Some weight loss programmes will tell you that a calorie is a calorie and that If you want to lose weight you must simply eat less calories that you consume. Although this is true the quality of food you consume will have a direct impact on how your body works and how you feel. If you eat 2,000 calories of sugar you certainly would not feel as good as if you consumed 2,000 calories from healthy wholefoods balanced across protein, fats and carbohydrates.

To lose weight you must control your calorie intake but in reality, you will not control your calorie intake well if you eat junk food. Whereas, eating wholefoods from natural sources will help you stay fuller for longer and maintain a calorie deficit.

Protein makes girl bigger

Protein shakes are associated with men gaining muscle but  the reality is that to get big muscles you must consume more calories than you use and do intense resistance (weight) training.

For females trying to lose weight protein shakes are brilliant because they help you feel full and ensure your muscles are repaired along with many other positives.