Do fat burners work for weight loss?

There are lots of conflicting advice and ‘wonder pills’ on the market and it can be hard to cut through this and find the truth regarding fat burners. The simple answer, yes fat burners work but it’s important to remember that fat burners aren’t magic pills so you should still follow weight loss steps.

To lose weight, you must consume less calories than you use, it is as simple as that. Our view is that you need to use strategies to make that easy and manageable, for example:

Ultra Complete
A way of ensuring you have a nutritious meal and to help you rely less on meal deals, junk food or high calorie lunches if you are at work or on the go.

High fibre
Adding fibre to you diet helps you ensure you feel full and that your digestive system works effectively and efficiently.

High protein
Protein has many benefits when in a calorie deficit such as, reduces muscle loss when in deficit, keeps you feeling full and has a thermic effect.

Planning your food
Preparation is the key to sticking to something, by planning your food and prepping you can ensure you avoid eating junk food.

Fat burners
These tablets work by reducing your appetite and giving you additional energy, they are great way to aid weight loss if you are following the right steps

Fat burners should be seen as being a part of the puzzle, all the above combined will simply make it easier to eat less calories and therefore help make sure you lose weight.

Ultra Burn  is made up of 3 simple ingredients:

Citrus auratium
This is totally natural and derived from citrus fruit peel, its also known as bitter orange. Bitter orange contains an active ingredient called synephrine that is similar to ephedra. It reduces appetite and increases heart rate, so therefore reduces the amount you want to eat and makes your body burn more calories. The increased heart rate will also give you more energy which will help you move more to burn more calories.

This boosts your metabolic rate and increases fat burning. It also stimulates the nervous system to break down fat. It will only break down fat cells if you are in calorie deficit.

White willow bark
When consumed with citrus auratium and caffeine this prevents norepinephrine levels from decreasing, helping to maintain the stimulation effects from the caffeine and citrus auratium.

We cannot stress how important it is to view fat burners as a weight loss tool. You will not lose fat unless you are in a calorie deficit (negative energy balance). Think about taking all of the steps listed above to help you lose weight, they should be viewed as part of your weight loss strategy.