How to start Exercising

his is a difficult question to answer as everyone is different and ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all when it comes to exercise. The easiest way to put this is to start. If you never do any exercise, have a sedentary job and sit down at home watching TV a good start is just to move. Get out for a walk to begin with, you will find that getting some fresh air and exercise will make you feel great. Your walk can develop into a jog, that can develop into a run and before you know it you are out running every day.

Running is just one example of exercise, but its not for everyone so here are some things to think about.


Think about what you would like to do and consider some options, what is your preference, here are some examples:

YouTube workouts – there are lots available and you can try some different ones to see what you like.
Exercising in the garden – set up a circuit of different exercises or just use bodyweight
Exercise outdoors – walking, running or cycling.

A combination will work well for most people and stop you from getting bored, for example:

Monday – Run, make this a longer distance slow run, aim for 30 minutes plus..
Tuesday – 15 minutes circuit training in the garden or your front room.
Wednesday – Get outdoors for a cycle or a walk.
Thursday – 15 minutes circuit training in the garden or your front room.
Friday – Run, short and fast, maybe 15 minutes
Saturday – walk or cycle or circuit.
Sunday – Long family walk.

If you have a plan and you know what you are doing each day you will stick to it.


Tell the world what you are going to do. Post on Facebook and Instagram that you are going to start exercising, tell your family friends and children, even better get your children involved. You want to be fit and healthy so try to help them get fitter and healthier.

Now that you have told people you are accountable, you have told them you will do it, you have told yourself you will do it, so now move on to doing it.


This is the important bit, you can plan and you can tell people you will do things, but the most important bit is to actually do them.

How you start will depend on your capability, but the key is to make a start, remember;

A plan without action is just a plan.

Set Goals

Once you have made a start you can set goals, initially make them realistic so you can achieve them week by week and month by month.

As you progress you will feel fitter and in better shape, you will sleep better and find yourself in a better mood.

Goals should start to get bigger and bolder as you get more confident and you begin to realise you are capable of anything.