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Bringing together our best combination of products Ultra Complete and Ultra Daily.

We just wanted to let you know about this exclusive offer we are sharing to UWCB participants only..

56 day supply of


A great place to start, Ultra Complete is a perfect meal replacement to switch with a meal each day (we recommend swapping the one you are most likely to make less healthy choices).

It’s also great used occasionally for those busy days when you don’t have time to make lunch.

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Daily is bundled in to give you a broad range of antioxidants from 40 fruit and vegetable extracts – equivalent to your 5 a day.

Daily can be mixed with water or added to your favourite fruit flavoured smoothie.


Ultra Nutrition will support you from the beginning of training – your body is about to go through a challenging training schedule


to help you eat well if you are too busy to prepare meals, it’s a nutritionally complete, super healthy meal that you can have instead of junk food.


Ultra Protein supports muscle repair and recovery, which will mean less soreness after training and feeling ready to go again sooner.


Ultra Daily will provide your body with all of the vitamins & minerals it needs, ensuring your health is in optimum condition and your immune system strong throughout the 56 day training schedule.

Whey or Nay?

Choose from high quality grass fed whey or a blend of 5 different plant proteins…



Here’s some great feedback from our customers…

When I am busy with work I used to choose between a good meal or exercise during my lunch break. Now I can do both! I have time to exercise, then finish off with Ultra Complete at the end. The Daily makes me feel reassured that I always hit my 5 a day too!

I use the Daily in my smoothie in the morning and have an Ultra Complete for lunch when I am busy travelling for uni or work. It makes life so much easier! Tastes great too!

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